Photographs of a sutable quality will be added to this page and updated on a regular basis.

They are copyright to their owners to whom links are provided.

Photos April  2000 at the beginning of the latest activity.

Ash emission from MH vent 18/04/2000

wpe1.jpg (21720 bytes)                         wpe3.jpg (18320 bytes)

wpe2.jpg (36310 bytes)

Heading towards the main vent. The crater floor is strewn with rocks and ballistic blocks hurled out during times of heightened activity. Note the differences in the landscape to the photo further down the page.


Two active craters erupting ash, 31.7.2000
P529a.jpg (39918 bytes) 

The following are thumbnails and one full size image of  superb photographs taken by Jos . The link will take you to where you can see larger versions of these and more examples of his photographic works.

Jos's photography
07   3087428
58 strand east
p.o. box 668
whakatane new zealand   

      Copy_of_Tour_party_on_White_island.jpg (38937 bytes)

White Island...      
    White Island from the air

Tour party on White island

Rail_tracks_left_on_White_Island_thumb.jpg (4041 bytes)

red rocks and the remains of the sulphur factory

Remains of Sulphur factory on White Island

Main_crater_on_White_Island_thumb.jpg (2989 bytes)


Click here for : Jos's photography    



These are larger images of those provided by IGNS.e

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     wiza.jpg (71663 bytes)









wiza.jpg (71663 bytes)













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