White Island Video Clips and Photographic Images

Photographs of a sutable quality will be added to this page and updated on a regular basis.

They are copyright to their owners to whom links are provided.

These videos and photos I took during a trip to the island on PeeJay IV with White Island Tours in January 2001.


Eastern Crater Wall vent  ( 130 Kb Windowa Media File )

Fumerole  ( 406 Kb Windowa Media File )

Western Crater Active Vent  ( 470 Kb Windowa Media File )

Western Crater  ( 485 Kb Windowa Media File )

Collage of a visit to White Island  ( 1.38 Mb Windowa Media File )

Approaching White Island in PeeJay IV (( 1.17 Mb )

Eastern crater wall vent  ( 1.37 Mb )

The view back down to the eastern crater and bays.

View looking back from the main crater rim               


A 360 panoramic view taken part way up the crater. View with PTviewer or similar.

aWhite Island Eastern Crater 360 Panorama


OR  Click here   WB01626_.gif (272 bytes) Wi360 Thumbnail small.jpg (5365 bytes)     to view the panorama with a java applet. Another panorama is  Main Crater . Note: These panoramas may each take many minutes to load depending on your connection.

It gives you some idea of the moon like environment you are in, but  can not in any way replicate the actual experience of being there.


Some recent White Island photo thumbnails you can enlarge:

WIapproachingPJ.jpg (50355 bytes)                    WIfbeachtocrater.jpg (59095 bytes)                 WIcrateredge2001Jan.jpg (65378 bytes)                 WIhotpoolsulphur.jpg (89195 bytes)                  WIfumerole thumb.jpg (5555 bytes)             WIwilsonsbay.jpg (25144 bytes)


Link: An earlier photos page. Includes artistic shots and some from GNS.



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